Monday, July 19, 2010

Robert Lee Sanders

I finally got to "meet" my father-in-law last week when we were in Houston. We drove to the Houston National Cemetery to visit his grave. My husband hasn't been back since the funeral in 1996. He was 13 years old then. 

Through teary eyes I took these photos. No words were spoken, just quiet respect for his father. 

Melvin's Dad and the family. Melvin is the baby of the family:-)


  1. Thanks Karilyn, It amazes me how each one of us have made it back there at some point in our adult life and have had the same response. But moving forward from that point it seems that something changes inside, really cannot explain it; Just know it was a good thing. As if he was looking down at that point and saying, Thanks son and great job so far...

  2. Mike, you're exactly right. That's the same experience I had. Something changed last year as it was also the first time I'd been there since the funeral in '96 also. It was like everything life had thrown at us, he understood. Love the pics Karilyn. Captured the moment amazingly.

  3. Oh, sweetie... that must have been an awe inspiring moment. Bless your heart for posting that photo journal. Robert Lee Sanders left his an incredible legacy in his 3 amazing sons!!! I'm sure he would be as proud as Shirley is!!!!!!