Friday, August 20, 2010

Just Peachy:-)

I bought these Colorado peaches yesterday. A couple of guys were selling them out of their truck. These are the best peaches I've ever eaten. in. my. life. 

A heart for Kathy <3

I think that exposure is the element I have the most difficulty with right now. Practice, practice, practice...


  1. Bracket your exposures. Take a pic at what the meter reads, then take one over and one under the fstop.

  2. After you get this closeup food stuff down, go out to the doughnut shop out by wal-mart. Offer to take some pics of his doughnuts. Then have walmart (using their website) blow one up to poster size. Show him your proofs and offer to sell them to him.

  3. We've been enjoying peaches for several weeks from the area Amish farms around the area!!!! I love to eat them several times a day... on breakfast granola, lunch, snack later in the day :)))))