Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I'm SUPER lucky that our friend Justin was in town this week, and he let me take pictures of him:-) You may notice that these are a lot sharper than my previous portraits. Can you guess why?? Yeah, I used a tripod. I was really hesitant to use a tripod because I didn't think it'd work well since I like to move around and change perspective a lot. But I was pretty pleased, and I'm IN. LOVE. with how much more sharp these photos are than the ones I've been taking lately. So, tripod it is from now on, until I can afford a better lens anyway:-) THANKS JUSTIN!

It wouldn't be a Karilyn Sanders shoot without feet:-)



  1. They are a lot sharper. I keep thinking that about mine but there's NO way I can use a tripod with a baby! I have to keep moving just to keep up with her! :-)

  2. These look fantastic and I love that you tried a little trial and error and came up with a journey of results. That being said...we can get you crisp images like this with higher speeds and open apertures without having to cart around a tripod with this kink of light. Let's do a little ichat date shall we;)

  3. My favorite is Justin on the car!!!!! Karilyn!!! You are ready for Senior pics, honey!!!!! Go out and advertise!!!!! You are doing an awesome job :)))))