Saturday, October 23, 2010

Goodbye Kitten Formerly Known As Caution:-)

I found him a home! His new owner picked him up yesterday. But, before he left we took some snapshots to remember him by:-) Pretty much sums up his personality...

In other exciting news, I finally got my remote shutter release in the mail!!! Yay! It came via Air Mail straight from Hong Kong. Now I can take pictures of Melvin and myself together without having to use the timer, and messing around with focus. Now I just press the button halfway down until it autofocuses, and then all the way down to take the picture:-) SO MUCH EASIER!


  1. I WANT one...not the cat...the remote. I don't know why I have waited all these years. I'll get the info from you. These are so cute!

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  3. Karilyn, you are the CUTEST!! Wish you could have kept Caution, though:(