Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Camera Bag!


Taken with the good 'ol point-and-shoot:-)

 I'm in LOVE with my new camera bag! It's an early birthday present from my parents-
oh how they love me:-) Up until now, I've been putting my camera and extra lens in my purse (gasp!) where it could have been easily scratched by my keys, pens, hair clips, etc. Now my camera will be safe and sound AND I can still put my wallet, keys, etc. in the same bag. Photography is so much more fun with a cute camera bag. 

Thanks Mom and Dad!

(And thank you Jo Totes for making such a beautiful accessory:-)


  1. I am in LOVE!!! It's time for a new one for me:) Of course I am drawn to the grey and yellow (my colors this season)...maybe they can morph the 2 for me.

  2. Ooo you should totally get the grey one when it comes out next month!