Sunday, November 28, 2010

Black Friday Finds

     I participated in Black Friday for the FIRST time this year. And, I'm not so sure I'll ever do it again, unless there is some crazy amazing deal on something I must have. However, I am very happy with the few things I walked away with, even if I did have to stand in the checkout line for over an hour (UGH!). 

First, feast your eyes on this blue beauty I found in OLD NAVY! I mean, really? Good job Old Navy...I love you. And 50% off:-)

Second we have this adorable skirt that is perfect for leggings! I love skirts that have pockets. Again, Old Navy, and again, 50% off. 

I also got a couple of shirts for layering this winter, but these top two items were my favorites:-) Hooray for sales!

What did you snag on Friday??

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree...

Today my husband and I drove to Pine Creek Tree Farm to buy a Christmas tree! I waited very patiently until Thanksgiving was over to start listening to Christmas music and to decorate the apartment, but now I am in FULL Christmas mode:-) Yay! Here is our beautiful little tree all decorated.

Same shot, longer shutter speed for a different look

If you like this photo you can download a high resolution file here to use as your wallpaper or desktop to get you in the Christmas mood! 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Got Ink?

Have you seen the new feature on the left side of my blog? I'm going to be putting links to other awesome blogs that feature tattoos! 

My latest tattoo. Located on the inside of my left wrist, it's a claddagh symbol which is an Irish symbol of love. The direction that the heart is facing means I'm MARRIED! Also the purple jewel symbolizes my beautiful mother and the green one is for my father, who is the Irish side of my family. Tat by Traci at New Rose Tattoo in Portland, OR. 

Tattoos have come a long way. No longer are they just for the rebellious teens or potty-mouthed sailors! They are much more mainstream now, and you can easily find youth pastors with Bible verse tattoos:-) I love tattoos. They are beautiful pieces of art that 
we get to see everyday. 

Ever since I got my second tat (the one above), I've wanted to photograph other people's amazing tattoos. So, do you have a really cool tat you'd like to feature on my blog? If you live in the McPherson, KS area and have some sweet tattoos (especially you ladies with the adorable and whimsical tattoos!), send me an email with a few snapshots and a short blurb about why you got it and what it means to you. 
Send photos to!

I'd love to photograph your ink!

Punching Judy

Meet Abby.

Abby loves books, and brought this awesome book to her shoot. I love this cover. 

Haha...for some reason she had just opened to this page, and I burst out laughing!
In NO way do I condone domestic violence, but look at this illustration:-) It's funny.

Abby was a joy to photograph--I love nervous gigglers! 
It takes one to know one:-)

Thanks Abby!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Web of My Life

So, it all started with Kathy Carlisle. We met through our husbands, who played basketball together. This was 2 years ago I think, in Camas, Washington. She was this amazing photographer and I could have looked through her pictures for hours upon hours. Eventually they had us over for dinner, and it all began. To keep this super long story short, she became a great friend and mentor in many areas of my life. She's the one who inspired my blooming love for photography. This picture was literally the first picture I ever took with my Canon 20d. I bought the camera, bought the lens, bought a memory card, and drove straight to her house:-)

Fast-forward 5 months: we moved back to Kansas, I started taking pictures of everything and everyone, and began looking online for other photographers in the area. Kathy has a photography group back in Washington who get together every now and then to inspire each other, teach each other, and go on group shoots! I felt like I really need to do that here, because being a photographer without inspiration is useless! So, I've been contacting other photographers in the area to start a group because I saw their photos and got the same feeling from them as I did from Kathy's. It hard to describe, but I've learned from my relationship with Kathy to always listen to that feeling/inner voice.

In really weird ways, I find myself having some sort of connection to each of these people. Mutual friends, acquaintances, interests, etc. Like, super freaky ways. And then today, it all came full circle when, through a series of links on photographer's websites, I found this.


Haha, wow. I flipped out. I don't know if this post even makes any sense, but I'm just IN AWE of how close we all are in the world. We all know each other through someone. We all have something in common.

The song says it best: "It's a small world after all."

Monday, November 1, 2010

Oh Baby!

You may recognize this gorgeous baby from here and here
She is yet another reason why I love baby portraits.