Sunday, November 28, 2010

Black Friday Finds

     I participated in Black Friday for the FIRST time this year. And, I'm not so sure I'll ever do it again, unless there is some crazy amazing deal on something I must have. However, I am very happy with the few things I walked away with, even if I did have to stand in the checkout line for over an hour (UGH!). 

First, feast your eyes on this blue beauty I found in OLD NAVY! I mean, really? Good job Old Navy...I love you. And 50% off:-)

Second we have this adorable skirt that is perfect for leggings! I love skirts that have pockets. Again, Old Navy, and again, 50% off. 

I also got a couple of shirts for layering this winter, but these top two items were my favorites:-) Hooray for sales!

What did you snag on Friday??

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