Sunday, December 26, 2010

I Love Great Danes

We spent the past few days before Christmas in Wisconsin with friends and their awesome family. These are the kind of shots that I love to get; photos that tell a little story about your family without the "glamour" of a regular portrait session. Just those little moments in the day that you sometimes take for granted.

This beautiful Great Dane is Sophie. She's the biggest kid in this family of 7:-) She cemented in my mind that Great Danes are the only dog I'd consider getting in the future. Gentle giants, so calm and beautiful. They are protective without being dangerous. And they love to cuddle. She looks a lot like our other friend's Great Dane, Keeta

This kid is hilarious. He's the 3rd child of the 3 boys, and the best eater of them all:-) The first thing I noticed about him was how much he ate! We joked about entering him in an eating contest, because he uses the dipping technique (dipping any food in any liquid...very interesting) on a regular basis. I took these photos at breakfast, and I think they sum him up pretty well.

 This little girl is the youngest of the 4 kids:-) This was after breakfast when mom and dad were cleaning up, and all the kids were running around. I just happened to find her in the pantry like this:-) I love it.

So excited for this family, because mom got a brand new Nikon for Christmas, and now she gets to capture these special moments every day!

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