Monday, December 13, 2010

Todd & Yolanda: Engaged!

      Allow me to introduce my friends, Todd and Yolanda! Todd is an Aussie who came to America for high school and played basketball with my husband in college, and they now coach together here at Central. Yolanda is a Mexican beauty who also came to America for school, and it was here in Kansas that these two lovers met. They both provide endless entertainment for their friends due to their accents:-) A match made in heaven!
      After getting engaged in Australia this summer, Yolanda went back to Mexico to plan the wedding and spend time with her family. They didn't know when they would next see each other. Little did Todd know, Yolanda (or "Yo" as we call her) had cooked up a plan to surprise Todd in Dallas, TX at Central's game against Dallas Christian College. According to Yo, when she jumped out to surprise Todd, he was utterly speechless and in complete shock! Yo said that he just dropped his head in his hand to keep from crying:-) SO SWEET!!! Don't be embarrassed Todd, all the women reading this know what a lucky woman Yolanda is because of that;-)
      So while Yo was in town for the week, we decided to get an engagement session in since she's going back to Mexico to plan their wedding until the summer! This beautiful couple was so fun to photograph. I loved seeing their relationship unfold in each frame. They are so tender with each other and you can see their love radiating in every shot. 

      I would just like to tell you that we did this shoot outside yesterday, and it was around 25 degrees! It was SO cold, that we had to take breaks every few minutes to jump in the car and warm up again! You can hardly tell though, because they look so comfortable and in love:-) 

This one's for you, Kathy;-)

There were so many beautiful moments from this shoot, I may just have to share a few more tomorrow:-) Congratulations Todd and Yolanda!


  1. This shoot is killer and I almost lost my breath when I saw the heart candycane. You are getting stronger and stronger with each shoot and the improvement is so exciting. You really captured the love and passion that this couple will need to tap into over the years of their wonderful marriage:) K I might have to brainstorm over the use of the candycane idea in our card this year;)

  2. Haha, yes! I was so excited when I thought of the idea. You should have seen their faces when I handed them each a candycane...they were so confused:-)